January 19, 2005

Sidebar Changes - Housekeeping

Greetings, loyal minions. You Maximum Leader instructs his minionly readers to regard his sidebar for some small changes.

First and foremost is the elevation of our devoted reader, minion, and star geometry proof writing friend Bill, of Bill's Comments to Loyal Minion status. Your Maximum Leader isn't sure why he didn't do this sooner. Perhaps it is a case of the obvious being overlooked. For a while it was also a sense of aethetics. Four seemed like a good number for the group... Anyway. A very deserving blog has been bumped up to Loyal Minion status. And you all should go and visit Bill regularly and read his writing.

Secondly, Eric also got a bump up. This is because your Maximum Leader found himself reading Eric's site every day that it made more sense for him to be higher up the blogroll. Plus, Eric has a cool car now. And your Maximum Leader would have purchased a nice Caddie instead of the Villainmobile had it not been for the Villainettes. Yes, dear minions. Your Maximum Leader figured it would be better to have a Villainmobile that would easily seat one Maximum Leader, one Mrs. Villain, and two Villainettes. Indeed, the back seat of the CTS (and it's variants) is just a little small for the big people your Maximum Leader knows. But the Caddie is a beautiful car, and your Maximum Leader would like to drag Eric sometime. Villainmobile vs. SWG-mobile.

NB: Eric would win that race most likely. The CTS/CTV has more low-end torque and greater acceleration over the short haul. The Villainmobile will do 0-60 mph in about 6 seconds. But, that number is misleading. It does 0-45 in about 5 seconds. Then it really kicks in and hauls arse. Of course, the CTS/CTV is also about 1000lbs lighter than the Villainmobile. But unlike the CTS, a full-sized man like your Maximum Leader can engage in all manner of shenanigans in the backseat of the Villainmobile without feeling cramped or put out. A claim one cannot make about the CTS.

Next up, Minions will notice the "Blog Machine." on the sidebar. Gordon was kind enough to set up your Maximum Leader a few weeks ago with an account. But your Maximum Leader putzed around and didn't get around to configuring it until just now. It is up. And working great. Thanks to Gordon. Now if only others in the Blog Machine clique would add your Maximum Leader to their Blog Machines.... (Hint! Hint!)

Finally... Your Maximum Leader has been investigating a number of options concerning upgrading his blog. As many of you know, he is using Blogger to publish to his own web host. And he has a custom template. He is contemplating a major overhaul of how the site looks (read: he's looking to make design changes beyond his abilities) and functions (read: he's thinking of ditching Blogger and moving to some more powerful blogging tool). He's been thinking about going to Movable Type. Then again, he's also thought of WordPress. And as far as designers go, he was going to contact the wonderful Francey again. But he thought he also ought to check out Sekimori or Moxie. So many choices!

Do you know, my minions, the problem with all these designers? They all make cheery bright sites. Your Maximum Leader (in keeping with his autocratic tendencies and his love of medieval kings named Richard Plantagenet) was thinking of a blog template that had the look and feel of Westminster Hall. (Other - better - photos here, here, here, and here.) But that might be hard to capture... It is that wonderful feel to the hammer beam roof of Richard II that your Maximum Leader would like to capture. It is one of the most wonderful rooves in the world. With the angels, the wild boar, the roses. And that staircase with the window. It is a perfect medieval space.

Of course, how all that would translate into a template for a blog is beyond your Maximum Leader... Which is why your Maximum Leader needs to retain an artsy-type to help out. A web designer to play Michaelangelo to his Julius II. Someone to who would be Titian to his Charles V. A creative genius to be Raphael to his Cosimo de Medici.

If any one of his loyal readers has a suggestion as to good designers/blogging software they care to pass along, please e-mail your Maximum Leader: maxldr-blog * at * yahoo * dot * com.

Carry on.


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