January 18, 2005

Ah... Now We Can Feel the Hate...

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader is pleased to note that the Crack Young Staff has returned to blogging. And what a wonderful entry they present to us: The Morals of a Nation.

Your Maximum Leader must state for the record that he hasn't read the "Personals" in a newspaper in, he suspects, 5 or more years. He has only visited a site like Match.com once - and that was to proof-read a profile that a good friend of his had written. (She wanted to make sure it didn't make her sound too desperate. Or morally liberal.) But allow your Maximum Leader to state on the record that he had no idea those ads have gotten so racy! Really now. There are probably whole sections devoted to adultery!

Wow! Sorta makes one want to go and read the paper in the morning.

Carry on.


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