March 27, 2006

Uschi Digard

This is a reprint post from waaaay back...

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader, earlier this week, posted a linked line that read: "The popcorn you are eating has been pissed in." That line elicited response from two minions. The first response was from the sexy and spirited Sadie. She mentioned that she didn't click through on the link because she thought it to be some wierd news item of the ilk to which your Maximum Leader sometimes has a propensity to link. This was not a problem for your Maximum Leader compared to the second message he got. The second minion wrote that they didn't understand the link after they did click through.

In case you didn't catch it, the line was from a movie. The link would send the linkee to the IMDB listing for The Kentucky Fried Movie. In between sketches during the Kentucky Fried Movie they had an announcer say some sort of outragous line in the style of a newsbreak; and then the announcer would end the newsbreak with "Film at 11."

Okay it wasn't all that funny.

But what was funny was that in thinking of that film your Maximum Leader thought of the sketch "Catholic High School Girls In Trouble." If you haven't seen it, there really is almost no describing it in a way that captures how funny the sketch is. And that sketch has scarred your Maximum Leader's pysche.

The woman responsible for the scarring is Uschi Digard.

Yes, Uschi Digard.

What? Never heard of Uschi? Well let us just say that if you've seen the Kentucky Fried Movie, and the "Catholic High School Girls in Trouble" sketch; you know Uschi Digard. Still no bells? Try looking for a moment at this NOT SAFE FOR WORK link. While that photo of Uschi is not from the Kentucky Fried Movie (but from another Uschi Digard classic - Prison Girls) you will notice immediately Uschi's attributes that are the cause of her fame. Here is another NSFW link which shows Uschi as she is mostly seen in the Kentucky Fried Movie. And if you care to look, here is the NSFW link to the Google Images pages for Uschi Digard.

Uschi Digard is responsible for your Maximum Leader always laughing when even contemplating having "bibilical" relations in a shower. He just starts to laugh aloud thinking about it.

Anyway. It is interesting to see how the internet can facilitate stream of conciousness thinking.

Carry on.


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I followed all your NSFW links! What prize do I get?


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