January 13, 2005

WHFS Radio - RIP

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader asks you all, do ever feel sad when you learn that some popular figure you've really liked and admired in your youth has passed away? Even if you haven't seen or heard of them much in many years?

That is how your Maximum Leader feels now that he has learned that WHFS (99.1 FM in Washington DC) has died and been reborn as "El Zol" (99.1 FM in Washington DC).

If you want to read the on-line "wake" held by the Washington Post, here it is.

Your Maximum Leader started to listen to 'HFS in the late '70's early '80s. He was introduced to it by the older brother of one of his good friends. He listened to it religiously for many many years. Until really he moved out of the area in the late 90's. Then, when your Maximum Leader would visit DC; the radio always went to 99.1 to check out what was being played. Indeed, your Maximum Leader believes that (out of habit) 99.1 is still programmed into the Villainmobile's radio dial. Even though your Maximum Leader hasn't really been able to listen to more than 5-10 mins of music w/out becoming disgusted and changing the channel.

Your Maximum Leader, while sad that HFS is no more, is glad he still has musical memories.

And he is still glad that he has WGMS and WETA. (Washington's two classical stations.) At least until he outfits the Villainmobile with XM. Then he will not care.

Carry on.


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