January 16, 2005

Splendiferous Day!

Even if Bill wants to mathematically minimize metaphysical munificence, there is still the feeling of divinely-inspired joy that one can feel swelling one's chest on days such as I had yesterday.

It was Saturday - so I slept in until seven o'clock.

Snuggled with the wife and dogs under the covers for a bit.

Rassled with rat terrier Kermit.

Fed the calves. Two or three are taming down enough to ask for chin scratches.

Gave Bar-vac 7 vaccinations. Most farmers have to use cattle chutes and assistants to vaccinate their cattle. I just walked the boys into the corner, calmed them, and stuck 'em.

Watched the sheep scamper on the hillside.

Scratched the goat. Told him he is a nuisance and likely to end up in the stew pot.

Noticed that Bonnie's pregnancy is starting to show. She is also starting to display a little udder development. Gave her a good scratching behind the ears. Told her that she is a "bonnie lass" of a cow in my groundskeeper Willy voice.

Gathered two still-warm chicken eggs that had been laid in the previous fifteen minutes.

My dear wife cooked the fresh eggs the way I like 'em - over easy - and used them to top pancakes. Ate breakfast at the bar on the high stools with my daughter next to me gleefully scarfing down blueberry pancakes.

Wrote a silly Nakedvillainy post to tweak a blogosphere pal.

Had no grading - I finished the marking period on Friday. Sat in a comfy chair and read the last couple of chapter of the "Moral Animal" by Neodarwinian Robert Wright. I thought his moral philosophy was unsatisfying, but really enjoyed learning about kin selection and the genetic basis for our internal thought processes. The book, besides being a combination of science, philosophy, and social commentary, illustrates its themes by using a Darwinian analysis of Charles Darwin's life. I have read a couple of biographies of old Chuck, but examining the grand old man's life choices in terms of genetic fitness was an interesting twist.

Built block towers with my daughter. Sang some silly songs. Enjoyed the fact that she is creating on her own now - she has made up her own little song about her family. It's really just a sing-song repetition of the names of grandparents, uncles and aunts, parents and brother, but it is something she made up all by herself. Gave out several high fives for peeing in the potty.

Held and tickled Jack. He's starting to smile and giggle when you play with him.

Returned some kid toys to the family down the street. Talked with Paul about cutting firewood with a chainsaw. Har! We be men! Scratch, scratch, spit.

Played pretty-princess dress-up with Emilie. (Not a word, Mike, not a word!)

Chatted with the Foreign Minister on the phone.

For dinner, ate a pizza "made" by a two-year old.

Put the kids to bed. Read a few "Apple Tree Farm" stories. Sang more silly songs.

Watched a mindless comedy with my wife.

Began the Byzantine conquest of the world in "Medieval Total War." Justinian was a potzer.

Went to bed with Tim McGraw lyrics in my head:

I'm gonna live where the green grass grows
Watch my corn pop up in rows
Every night be tucked in close to you
Raise our kids where the good lord's blessed
Point our rockin' chairs towards the west
And plant our dreams where the peaceful river flows
Where the green grass grows

How was your day?


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