January 10, 2005

Quick Links

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader figured he'd throw out a few quick links to start off his day...

First there was the interview with Sadie (Part I and Part II) Now for those of you who can't get enough of your Maximum Leader, and who have a foot fetish... He directs you to Jeff's most atrocious recent entry. Yes, those are your Maximum Leader's feet. He propped them up on his trusty ottoman and took the photo facing one of his bookshelves. You can now see the feet at which many of you will worship in the Mike World Order.

And speaking of Sadie... None of these things have ever happened to your Maximum Leader's mind... Okay... Maybe one thing... Or two... Okay... more than two...

Read Bill's Comments on Intelligent Design. Your Maximum Leader will muse a-blog (as opposed to aloud) on something here. Wouldn't our schools be better off just trying to teach non-contraversial science? Really now, they are having a hard enough time just teaching math and science. How about just "skipping" all the parts about the origins of the universe? Your Maximum Leader understands that biology at least would be pretty hard to teach while avoiding evolution theory, but do kids really understand the basics of how life works as it is right now? Isn't that a more important educational goal? Just a thought...

BTW, Kathy seems to be put out by the upcoming Tim Burton film.

And it seems that your Maximum Leader is worth $2,760,935.98! How much are you worth? This means your Maximum Leader is worth more than the Acidman, Ally, and the Velociman. (But only a bit more than the Velociman... Probably within the margin of error.) Of course all minions know that your Maximum Leader is truly priceless.

And as a final note... Is your Maximum Leader the only one who finds Rachel Lucas' recent reincarnation as the Blue Eyed Infidel something of a turn on? She seems a lot more loose in her writing. Somewhat liberated even... It might also be the Kirsten Dunst photos... Of course she is completely, totally, and utterly WRONG as far as her comments on Brett Favre are concerned. But that is a subject for another post.

Carry on.


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