January 18, 2005

Col Blimp: 'angin's too bad for 'em?, Part the Fourth

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader has been rather quiet of late. He has been spending quality time with his wee Villain most evenings when he would, otherwise, be blogging. Indeed, the wee bairn has gotten himself into a routine where he and his daddy like to lay on the sofa watching some tv or old movie (last night it was "The Seven Samurai") until sleep overcomes him...

Anyho... All minions really ought to go to Col. Blimp's site and read the ongoing discussion of capital punishment. Here is the link: 'angin's too bad for 'em?, IV: response to Tom, Misspent, and the Maximum Leader. Follow all the links. Read all materials. This is one of the most thoughtful discussions of the subject that your Maximum Leader had read/particpated in. It is the type of highbrow discourse that gets your Maximum Leader all worked up.

He hopes to comment further soon.

Carry on.


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