January 18, 2005

Attorney General of The Empire State

Greetings, loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader loves New York politics. It is a rough and tumble world with no quarter given by anyone of any party. So it strikes your Maximum Leader as particularly interesting that the scions of two great political families are squaring up to run for New York Attorney General. Andrew Cumo and RFK Jr. are both looking at running in the Attorney General's race.

The subplot here is even more interesting. Cumo has recently separated from RFK Jrs sister, Kerry. Doesn't this sound like it could be fun?

Your Maximum Leader will hope for a Cumo (or other) victory in the Democratic Primary. He just cannot stand to listen to RFK Jr. RFK Jr's voice sounds so strained and filled with concern that it is annoying. Cumo is a more vivacious speaker.

Carry on.


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