January 24, 2005

Abortion Primer for Democrats

This was on NPR this morning.

Until Democrats set aside their hoary old canards that abortion foes want to subjugate women and realize that the pro-life movement is a principled resistance to what some Christians believe to be murder, they do not have much chance of winning the White House. According to the commentator, if it were not for abortion, many Evangelicals would actually vote Democrat on the basis of their faith. But Evangelicals, like many of us, realize that they have to prioritize their values*. Ending the annual slaughter of innocents in our own country trumps just about every other consideration.

Go. Listen to Mathewes-Green.

* Recall that your very own Smallholder, advocate of gay rights, separation of church and state, progressive taxation, and (efficacious) government intervention in society, considered voting for Bush on the Iraq issue until I had the epiphany that Bush, Rumsfeld, et al. were refusing to learn from the lessons of history and blind to current reality, dooming the Iraqi effort more surely than Kerry's shiftlessness.


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