March 26, 2004

Fresh from the Villainschloss

Greetings loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader finally opens the doors of the great tower of the Villainschloss and peers down into the rest of the world...

My what an active little blog your Maximum Leader now has! Lucky for him, and his loyal readers, that his Ministerial apostles are so prolific. In a brief review of many blogs, he can honestly say that he doesn't find too many blogs with the range of opinion that one is likely to find on (Is it proper to link to one's own blog? Hummm...)

Well, as much as your Maximum Leader likes his own URL, it seems that some of his readers might be too lazy to try and find his new location. Either that or his daily readership has just dropped. According to his hosting company, he is getting about 41 unique visitors a day. Which is down from the 70-odd unique visitors a day he got on blogspot. Hummm...

Regardless. He hopes the spirited debate grows his readership.

As for civility in this space. While name-calling is fun from time to time, it generally doesn't advance one's argument.

Your Maximum Leader was giving some careful thought and review to many of the Iraq points made in this space by his ministers. While his overall opinion has not changed (namely that the war is not a distraction from the war on terror, and is justified), he can see how other intelligent people (like the Minister of Propaganda) come to a different conclusion. Your Maximum Leader does believe that many people who did not want to go to war in Iraq think that overall the war on terror should be conducted in a more legalistic, police-investigation, crime-fighting mode. (Your Maximum Leader doesn't want to lump the Minister of Propaganda in this boat, he is speaking very broadly.) And your Maximum Leader believes that mindset is fatally flawed and will never bear fruit. Simply because it will never successfully address the root causes of terror.

And your Maximum Leader wants to doff his (bejeweled) floppy hat to loyal minion Carpemundi for recommending to him this very fun site. Nothing like blasting people with a giant magifying glass to make your day.

Alas, your Maximum Leader grows tired, and thinks he will retire to the loving arms of Mrs. Villain.

Carry on.


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