March 17, 2004

Bush is a lying liar, and other truths

To support a recent post by the Minister of Agriculture, I'm providing this ever-so-fresh link to a compilation of Bush's most-recent lies, complete with footnotes.

Footnotes! Check it out, gentle readers.

Speaking of the Minister of Agriculture (and yes, while we are old friends, I did once address 'Smallholder' as 'Shareholer' and intend it as a sexual insult), I think I need to clarify a note from my own post to which he responded. When I said the sanctions against Iraq were working, I was referring only to Saddam's development of WMD's, specifically his failure to actually produce any. The system of inspections and sanctions, while far from perfect, met this goal, at least -- even the Bush-selected post-war inspector, David Kaye, concluded the same thing before quitting (one can muse that perhaps he quit in disgust after being told repetitively to find evidence of a program that in fact did not exist). Smallholder's suggestion that the sanctions were not working and that, instead, the invasion of Iraq should be seen as a 'humane' undertaking is another discussion entirely. (I'll slip in a first attack by adding that it's almost completely a philosophical/theoretical discussion, and dismissable if we're discussion actual policy: in practice we've ignored and continue to ignore many, many despotic regimes and human rights abuses that don't involve our geopolitical interests; I don't think it can suddenly become an issue with Iraq.)

And on a personal note: if readers are so inclined, do please send more fan mail concerning my postings directly to Maximum Leader. I suspect that a high profile on his site may be the only factor that prevents my immediate confinement to a reeducation camp (using the phrase 'Beloved Minister of Propaganda' in your e-mail is a nice touch, I think). I love my Maximum Leader, but that doesn't mean I want to be subjected to whatever passes for popular entertainment at his house.


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