March 14, 2004

Arguing about that which you do not believe

Greetings loyal minions. Your Maximum Leader just read a fine post on the Volokh Conspiracy about arguments. Your Maximum Leader actually gets great joy from staking out a well-reasoned position with which he does not argee and then getting into an argument. The Minister of Agriculture enjoys this as well. The Minister of Agriculture might even remember a time when he and your Maximum Leader were taking a modern political philosophy class and your Maximum Leader decided to "spice up class discussion a little bit."

As your Maximum Leader remembers it, the subject of discussion was militant lesbian feminism. The prof had assigned some readings by some truly militant lesbian feminist philosophers who argued that since in-vitro fertilization was a reality, mature men could have their sperm harvested and then eliminated. Then women could just run the world without male interference. While no one in the class was willing to agree with this extreme position, some of the particuarly "whipped" men in the class (in an effort to score points with girlfriends - who were also in the class) started to argue that historically men had been bad to women and that women were entitled to some sort of recompense.

After listening to their trite blather for a few minutes, your Maximum Leader leaned in towards the Minister of Agriculture and said something to the effect of "watch this." Your Maximum Leader then proceeded to weave a logically consistent mysogynist argument. Eventually the civil discussion deteriorated into your Maximum Leader having to announce that women were essentially breeders and had no business at college, or even high school.

Needless to say, those in the class that didn't know your Maximum Leader took great offence to all this. It was fun. Because sometimes it is fun and challenging to make an argument that you don't believe in.

Alas, this tendency in your Maximum Leader drives Mrs. Villain nuts. She doesn't believe in arguing a position in which you don't believe. To her it is something like a lie. So she gets quite aggrevated when your Maximum Leader argues something just for the sake of argument.

Carry on.


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